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March 24, 2022

Quotes by the experts!

PFC quotes are written by qualified floor technicians Flooring Specialists – Not Salespeople! We do not have “salespeople” on the road just trying to “push” our product. We have all

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Always compare apples with apples

Apples & Apples

Are all Floating Floors the same? The short answer to this question is no! Some people refer to all flooring that is not glued down as “floating floors”. Many assume

Peter Ganglen

Same expert advice

Adam at the helm Peter, the Managing Director of Parquetry Flooring Company, decided to “semi-retire” in 2021 The next generation is learning the ropes with Adam at the helm. Adam

Cork Flooring – Naturally Environmentally Friendly

Cork is an environmentally friendly, naturally renewable material. It is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree without harming it.

Solid Timber Floors

Solid Timber floors are so much more than just another floor. They are beautiful, may add value to your home, hygienic, low maintenance & sustainable

Blackbutt hardwood timber floor

Naturally Imperfect yet Beautiful!

Timber and the coatings we put on your floor do have natural imperfections. No two trees are alike and no two installation days are alike

Caring For Your Timber, Parquetry & Floating Floors

Timber and floating floors are easy to maintain but like all floors they do require regular cleaning.

Engineered Floating Floor

Floating Floors

Floating timber floors are primarily referred to as Engineered timber floors within the flooring industry. They have become a popular choice in timber flooring in Adelaide and SA.

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