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Sanding and Polishing

One of the advantages of having timber floors is that they can be sanded back and polished or coated to produce a new-looking floor. 

We also sand and polish Cork.


Sanding a hardwood, parquetry, floating or cork floor can restore your floor back to a new look. Once sanding is complete, you can choose the type of finish that you like. We offer a sanding, buffing or polishing service in Adelaide. This can be done on parquetry, timber floorboards, cork and most floating or engineered floors.

We always use dust bags & vacuums to help mitigate the amount of dust we generate during the sanding process. Parquetry Flooring Company ensures the best care of both your floor and your home while we sand.

Below is a time lapse of sanding and polishing Jarrah and how our team work hard to keep the dust away

Sanding & Polishing by PFC team member


After sanding is complete, we coat your floor so that you do not have to actually “polish” the timber to maintain it. You can choose from various finishes/coatings. These include:

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Wear and Tear Solutions

Do your current parquetry or timber floorboards show signs of wear and tear? Are you tired of carpet or linoleum?

One of the advantages of having timber, parquetry or engineered timber floorboards is that they can be sanded back and polished or coated to produce a new-looking floor. Often carpet or linoleum is laid over beautiful solid timber flooring. Old floorboards can be restored when sanded and polished, even after years of being covered.

We provide domestic and commercial sanding and polishing services in Adelaide and South Australia.

We also sand and polish cork to bring in back to it’s former beauty.

At parquetry flooring company we believe that floors should be looked at by a professional every 7 to 10 years. Peter or Adam can advise you on what may be needed now, and what can be left for another couple of years. Otherwise, they will provide a quote for the work that may need doing. Often your floorboards, parquetry or cork only need a top up coat of sealer/finish rather than a full sand and polish. If you are unsure go to the Quote Me form. Fill this out and we can arrange for Peter or Adam to visit your home, school or workplace.

Sanding and polishing will help bring back the beauty to your hardwood floors, parquetry or cork

Domestic & Commercial sanding and polishing in Adelaide & surrounds

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