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Naturally Imperfect yet Beautiful!

September 12, 2019

Timber and the coatings we put on your floor do have natural imperfections. No two trees are alike and no two installation days are alike

Blackbutt solid timber hardwood floor oil modified gloss finish
Industry Standards:

AT PFC your finished floor will be of high standard, a floor which will be walked & loved for many years to come.   All our customers have high expectations of their floors, but also appreciate that a floor doesn’t and cannot have the same finish as high quality furniture.  This is because the floor needs to be far more durable.

At PFC we take pride in our work and care about your home and floor, however absolute perfection is unobtainable. Very close to perfect is our “industry” standard.

Environmental Factors:

Customer expectations are for an imperfection free floor and we try our best through using dust extraction equipment.  Our environment and weather conditions cannot be fully controlled by our tradespeople/floor technicians.

Although we use vacuum cleaners to remove dust from your floor prior to coating, a degree of contamination in the final coat is unavoidable and will vary from home to home.  We always take reasonable measures to minimize the contamination of dust and debris.

Adelaide City with Dust storm

Our environment and weather conditions cannot be fully controlled

Seasonal Factors:

Due to seasonal influences and heating and cooling, movement of the timber will occur. Floors exposed to heat sources after the floor is complete may cause movement in the floor and this may be natural as extreme cold can do the same. This is normally not a problem.

Completed and Happy

Now that you are happy with your floor, be aware that you have installed a beautiful natural product & over the course of time colour changes will occur.  This is from the effect of ultraviolet light and is more noticeable in sun exposed areas.  This process is natural and gradual but can result in colour differences especially if you are using Rugs on the floor – This is why we recommend not using rugs to 3 – 6 months after you floor is completed.

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