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Install solid or engineered timber floors?

January 22, 2020

what is the difference between solid timber/Hardwood floors and engineered timber floors?

What is the difference between solid timber and engineered timber flooring?

Both solid and engineered timber flooring will make your home look and feel beautiful.  Solid timber floors offer strength, durability and elegance. They make a statement in any home, modern or traditional and everything in between. Engineered timber can give you that feel too. So, do you choose to install solid or engineered timber floors? This article may help!

Engineered European Oak Timber flooring
Engineered Timber Floors

Engineered Timber is a layered product made with a top layer of solid timber. Parquetry Flooring company use European Oak and Australian timber varieties. At PFC we encourage our customers to choose 3mm to 6mm top as these can be sanded & polished in the future when needed.

The solid top is then bonded to high-quality plywood layers, designed to prevent the floor from moving when timber expands and contracts according to the weather.

These floors are available in a wide range of different timber species. We now have engineered parquetry available in herringbone pattern and chevron pattern.

Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring

The advantages of an engineered floor are that they come pre-finished.

PFC installs engineered floors that are still individual boards they take almost as long to lay as solid timber boards but do not need any extra coatings or finishes.

Your floors are ready to walk on as soon as installation is complete.!!

Top picture is Engineered Timber Plank. Bottom is Solid Plank.

Blackbutt solid timber hardwood floor oil modified gloss finish installed in Adelaide
Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber planks (and solid parquetry) have many fantastic attributes. They are made from a single layer of natural and renewable timber.

Hardwood floors are extremely durable and beautiful floors available in many different timber options.

Customers can also choose their finish or coating.

Advantages of Solid Timber Floors

The advantage of using a solid board is the number of times it can be sanded and refinished.

Solid timber floors and solid parquetry may last over ones lifetime if sealed and looked after properly. 

The advantages of both types of floors

Care and maintenance is easy

They look amazing!

All timber flooring options in Adelaide!

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