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Engineered & Floating Floors

Floating timber floors are primarily referred to as Engineered timber floors. Engineered floors are a modern example of plank and parquetry flooring.

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Engineered & Floating Floors

Floating timber floors are primarily referred to as Engineered timber floors within the flooring industry.  They have become a popular choice in timber flooring in Adelaide and South Australia.  There are many floating floors to choose from in our showroom.

Floating or Engineered flooring has become the affordable “go to” timber floor. They are unique in their construction, being 100% timber on top. The thickness of timber on top (the lamella) ranges from a 6 mm timber top down to a 0.6 mm. Most floating floors are manufactured with a unique locking system.  This fits together to ensure that your floor will be a beautiful part of your home for many years to come. They are designed to withstand a lot – children, animals & sliding furniture. Floating floors have a high-quality lacquer finish and come in a range of finishes from Matt to Gloss.

Engineered Timbers Species

Select from the more earthy rich tones such as Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum & Jarrah, or the lighter tones of Tasmanian Oak, European Oak or Blackbutt. Floating floors are a great way to have an affordable timber floor. See Timber Species

European Oak is a great timber to stain and is now available in many pre-finished, pre-stained flooring options. These are on display in our showroom. The construction of the engineered floor allows it to be sanded back and re-stained if required or as trends change. Maintaining your floating floors through floor polishing is important and we recommend that one of our team looks at your floors every 7 to 10 years.

Maintenance of Floors

The wonderful thing about floating floors is that they can be sanded & polished if they show signs of wear and tear or they are damaged. Again, making them an affordable choice for every home. The Parquetry Flooring Company offers client follow ups via email after 7 years to see if your floor requires polishing and sanding

Floating Floors with 3 mm – 6 mm timber top layers can be re-sanded up to three times and have the option of a top coat in between (meaning not sanding back to the timber). Allowing you to enjoy your floating floor for many years. For more information regarding floor polishing in Adelaide see sanding and polishing.

Engineered Parquetry

Engineered parquetry flooring in Herringbone pattern and Chevron pattern have recently become available. These are available to view in our showroom. Engineered Herringbone has a 4 mm or 6 mm natural layer of Oak. Chevron Engineered Parquetry is only available with a 6 mm natural timber layer. They are available in a variety of colours and are on display in our showroom in Adelaide.

Advantages of Engineered and Floating Floors

One of the big advantages of installing a floating floor is that it can be laid over any flat sub floor, including vinyl, ceramic tiles and more. This makes it an affordable flooring for many home owners.

Another great advantage of a top-quality floating timber floor is its great stability due to its unique locking system. If you want beauty and warmth in your home, nothing exceeds the appeal of floating timber floors. It is the ideal floor for every style of interior room. The choice is yours. For Floating Floors in Adelaide, call us now.

Timber is one of the world’s few truly renewable resources. The natural insulation properties of timber lock out winter’s cold and summer’s heat. It is an excellent option for those with allergies because because timber floors do not harbour dust mites and other allergens.  Floating Floors are an excellent option to benefit from these things.

We also have cork floating floors. Floating cork floors are a great environmentally friendly option. You can view our range of floating cork floor finishes in our Adelaide showroom.

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