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Consumer Resources

To keep our customers informed Parquetry Flooring Company are making these resources available. The following consumer information is available for download here or from the Australasian Timber Flooring Association.

To keep our customers informed, Parquetry Flooring Company are making these resources available. Consumer information is available for download her or from the Australasian Timber Flooring Association.

ATFA Consumer Resources

The following consumer information is available for download from the Australasian Timber Flooring Association. Click on the below sections to read more.

Owner expectations for completed timber floors

This information sheet outlines reasonable owner expectations for an onsite sanded and finished timber floor. This includes solid T&G flooring, parquetry and other flooring types that have been sanded and finished onsite or re-coated.

Floor Colour & Grade

There are many timber species used in timber floors which provide us with a rich array of colours and grain patterns. In some species the natural colours will be fairly consistent while in others there can be blend of colours and tones.

Floor Care & Maintenance

Caring for your timber floor Timber floors vary in ease of maintenance depending on the type of coating used and the severity of use. They always benefit from regular care. In doing so, the life of the floor finish and floor are greatly enhanced.

Australian Hardwood Species Names

This information sheet provides the common names and Botanical names for Australian Hardwood Species.

Timber Floor Hardness

The hardness of timber is not directly related to how hard the timber is to work with. it is a measure of the resistance of the wood to indentation. The hardness figures most commonly used are those obtained from the Janka test.

Compliance guide for VOC

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content is essentially the solvent content of a coating or adhesive product. The GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) have issued guidelines for VOC emissions within buildings that may relate to the health impact on occupants, which ATFA is subsequently working with industry in an effort to achieve. Open PDF to read points advised.

Flooring Problem

The Steps to Take if You Have a Problem with Your Timber Floor. Firstly, remember timber floors are natural, timber does move, so expect some expansion and shrinkage effects throughout the year.

Coating Choices

Timber Floor Coatings are your choice, so take care when choosing the coating that suits your needs!

Timber Sustainability

When you choose timber, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewable resource, you’re also making a positive impact on climate change.

Installation over acoustic underlays

Timber floors are often installed in high rise and unit developments where it is necessary to reduce to acceptable levels the noise transmission through to the dwelling below. Due to this timber and other similar hard flooring products are often laid on an acoustic underlay.

The purpose of this information sheet is to outline the requirements and what must be considered when installing a timber floor where the noise transmission must be reduced (or attenuated).

It should also be noted that there are many other factors that relate to the actual noise transmitted including what the floor space is used for, whether soft soled foot ware is encouraged and whether rugs and runners are used in higher foot traffic areas.

Each of these can have a profound effect on the actual noise transferred and the amenity of those living beneath the floor.