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Cover your stairs in parquetry, solid timber, engineered timber or cork.

Match your stairs to your floorboards

A lovely way to have continuity throughout your home, is to use the same boards on the stairs that you have used throughout your home. We can cover your stairs with the same quality timber, to discuss this further come into the showroom or contact us now.


Stairs can be made and covered in a number of materials. At Parquetry Flooring Company we offer the following options:

Solid Timber

We can cover your stairs with solid timber, including matching it to the rest of your house.

Timber Types and Species


As with solid timber we can also use the patterns of parquetry on your stairs.

See The Patterns Available

Timber Stairs with Parquetry Floors

It all comes down to personal preference. We can match your parquetry to your stairs by using the same species of timber for both. For example using Brushbox Herringbone on the floor and Brushbox planks on the stairs.

Engineered Timber

See Engineered Timber

Engineered or floating timber can be used on your stairs. All timber looks stunning on stairs.


See Cork

Cork can also be used on stairs. Cork stairs are an environmentally friendly option.

Match your stairs to your floorboards!