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Sand, polish, repair, revamp & refurbish all available at PFC.

Sanding, Polishing, and Finishing

View the services we offer in addition to installing flooring. We offer many services in addition to flooring, including sanding, polishing and applying a range of finishes to the floors at your home, business or school

Revamp, Re-sand, Re-coat and Refurbish

We do all domestic and commercial refurbishment of all floors including Parquetry, Floating Floors and, Cork. Refurbishing your floor can be far more cost-effective than replacing a floor. We can sand and stain floors to suit your new decor, or just a light buff and re-coat to refresh your floor. There are many options available. Please speak to one of our team to arrange an expert to quote on your needs.

Sanding & Polishing

One of the advantages of having timber floors is that they can be sanded back and polished or coated to produce a new-looking floor.


Finishes can change “the look” you are going for, altering the overall style to meet your preferences.

Care & Maintenance

Parquetry, Solid Timber, Engineered Timber & Floating Floors A hardwood floor is one of the elements that make a room seem cozy and warm. Giving the impression of being surrounded