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Spotted Gum in Focus

March 16, 2023

Spotted Gum is the common name for four species of trees that are native to the east coast of Australia. It is a premium hardwood that has a striking appearance.

Spotted Gum is the common name for four species of trees that are native to the east coast of Australia. It is a premium hardwood that has a striking appearance. The colours range from light brown to dark brown, with many subtle colours including grey, green, and a little pink. There is a wide range of uses for Spotted Gum including in heavy construction and engineering.

Spotted Gum Floors

Spotted Gum is available in solid timber floorboards, parquetry, and engineered /floating timber plank flooring these are available to view in our showroom.

PFC supply and install all of these floors in Adelaide & surrounding suburbs. The different floor designs that are available are on display at the PFC showroom our friendly staff is waiting to assist you.

Spotted Gum Herringbone Pattern
Flooring sizes in Spotted Gum

The attractive light grey to reddish-brown timber, Spotted Gum is in high demand for solid timber, engineered/Floating timber, and solid parquetry floors.

Spotted Gum Parquetry flooring is available in many different patterns including but not limited to herringbone & double herringbone, double basket & triple basket weave patterns. Parquetry Flooring Company supply and install many different sizes including:

260mm x 65mm x 14mm

260mm x 65mm x 19mm

PFC also supplies and installs Spotted Gum engineered timber in smooth matte and brushed matte finishes.

Spotted Gum Floating floors Adelaide solid timber floors Adelaide
A little about the tree

Spotted Gum is a tall tree with a straight trunk and can grow over 45 meters high.

It has smooth powdery white, grey, or pink bark, which sheds in spots, giving the tree its name.

The name Spotted Gum is the common name for four species of Corymbia that grow along the east coast of Australia from Victoria, through New South Wales, and into Queensland.

Spotted Gum Floating Floors and Solid Timber floors Adelaide
Plantation & farmed timber

Spotted Gum trees are commercially grown on farms & plantations. These trees are often planted to provide windbreaks for crops and livestock, to manage the water table & to protect topsoil from erosion.

Planting & growing Spotted Gums have the potential to benefit farmers as land managers and also benefit them financially. Farmer’s long-term timber supplies contribute to social, economic, and environmental benefits to regional areas.

Spotted Gum Floating floors and solid timber floors Adelaide
The species

The species Corymbia Maculata is becoming a popular farm tree in South Australia.

The other species are Corymbia Citriodora (subspecies Variegate & Citriodora ) &, Corymbia  Henryi. These trees are considered relatively drought and fire-resistant they are also pest and disease resistance.

Spotted Gum Growing Regions
Spotted Gum growing regions

The plantations are on the East coast of Australia, with areas in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland

Spotted Gums grow in regions with an annual average rainfall of between 650–1300mm. However, some have been found growing, slowly, in areas with lower rainfall, indicating a relative degree of drought tolerance.

The main limiting factor in terms of climate is the low frost tolerance of spotted gums. While the tree can tolerate at most a mild frost, a mild frost can still devastate young trees.


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