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Engineered Parquetry

De Marqué Engineered Parquetry in Herringbone pattern and Chevron pattern are available at Parquetry Flooring Company. These timber floors come pre-finished in a variety of stains. The De Marque Engineered Parquetry has 7-10 layers of lacquer applied prior to being UV cured for the longevity of your floor.

Engineered Parquetry

Engineered Parquetry is available in a Herringbone pattern and Chevron pattern and on display in our showroom. These timber floors are like the plank engineered or floating floors. The floors are installed pre-finished in a variety of stains with a matte finish. This parquetry has 7-10 layers of lacquer applied prior to being UV cured. This procedure is for the longevity of your floor.

European Oak is the most commonly used timber for engineered parquetry. They are constructed with a 4mm or 6mm wear layer (thickness of real timber top). There are companies who are now making some engineered parquetry in Australian timbers. We have colours and species on display in our showroom. Keep reading to find out more.

The Ranges

PFC supply and install the following engineered parquetry.

The Parquetry Flooring Company has many suppliers allowing you, the customer, to choose from a large variety of colours and distinct looks. Below are just some of our range from some of the most popular flooring options available in Adelaide.

Herringbone Engineered Parquetry

Our most popular Herringbone Engineered Parquetry is supplied by Preference Flooring and Terra Mater Floors. They featured both Herringbone engineered timber floors on channel 7 and channel 9 renovation shows during 2019.

De Marqué Herringbone Collection

By Preference Floors

(Left: DeMarqué Herringbone in “Cognac”)

Preference Floors manufactures the stunning herringbone collection from sustainable genuine oak timber combining either a 6mm Oak wear layer engineered onto 15mm of plywood, or a 4mm wear layer on 11mm of plywood.

Preference floors engineered timber is suitable for underfloor heating

The sizes of the De Marque Engineered Herringbone collections are

600mm x 120mm x 15mm (4mm wear layer) and 600mm x 120mm x 21mm (6mm wear layer)

Colour selections for De Marqué Herringbone

For further specifications on this product, please go to Preference Floors website.

Lakewood Herringbone Magnolia Engineered Parquetry
LakeWood Herringbone

By Terra Mater®

LakeWood Herringbone range is premium-grade European oak with 9 coats of German Klumpp coating giving the timber an extreme matte finish. The glue used to bond the European Oak to the hardwood core is supplied by Swedish producer Dynea for superior strength.

TerraMater makes this range from select grade timber using advanced UV lacquers that create a natural look that will beautiful for years to come. It has the convenience of being easy to clean and is good to the planet as they source it from managed plantations.

LakeWood engineered parquetry is suitable for underfloor heating

The size of the LakeWood Herringbone timber is

888mm x 148mm x 14mm (3mm wear layer)

Terra Mater® LakeWood Herringbone colour selections

Chevron Engineered Parquetry

Our most popular Chevron engineered parquetry is supplied by Preference Flooring and Premium Floors Australia/Quick-Step®.

Chevron pattern is the zig-zag that creates a “V”.  The ends of two equally sized planks of wood flooring are cut at an angle and fitted together to create a point.  The opposite ends of the plank are cut similarly, so it creates the detail across the floor or wall.  They also refer Chevron is also to as French herringbone, which could cause some confusion between the two styles.

De Marque Chevron Mink Grey engineered parquetry
De Marqué Chevron Collection

By Preference Floors

The stunning new De Marque Chevron Collection is now available at Parquetry Flooring Company. It comes in a contemporary palette of pre-finished colours. Raw (un-coated) is also available for custom on-site finishing.

Engineered Chevron is suitable for underfloor heating

De Marque Chevron size

600mm x 90mm x 21mm (6mm wear layer)

Chevron colour selections – De Marqué Collection
Quick-step® Intenso

Supplied by Premium Floors

This is a relatively new product, made from European Oak and two Australian timber species. The Chevron pattern has a unique reclaimed look with an easy installation joining system.

It is pre-finished with highly advanced UV cured SRT lacquer for higher wear, stain and scratch resistance. The boards are finished with a matte or extra matte finish. All the European Oak is finished with an extra matte finish and they finish the Australian timber with a matte finish.

Quick-step® Intenso: We instal parquetry using the floating floor method or the direct stick method. There are no nails required to do this. Intenso which is supplied to Parquetry Flooring Company by Premium Floors is suitable for underfloor heating.

Intenso Board Sizes

1050mm x 310mm x 14mm

Quick-step® Intenso colour selections

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Engineered Parquetry Affordable?

There is no quick answer to that. Naturally, it depends on your budget for parquetry flooring. Engineered Parquetry is more affordable than solid timber parquetry. The prime reason for this is that they come pre-finished, therefore we do not have to do any sanding or coating after the floor has been laid.

Are there difference price ranges or budget options?

Engineered Parquetry in every range are very similar in price

Does engineered parquetry come pre-finished?

Yes, all our engineered parquetry are pre-finished in a matte or extra-matte finish. They are finished with 7 to 13 layers of lacquer and are UV cured for the longevity of your floor.

Is engineered parquetry floors hard wearing?

Yes, they are designed for modern living. Some companies advertise their engineered parquetry for both domestic and commercial use.

How long does engineered parquetry last?

Your engineered parquetry floor may last from 25 years to a lifetime.

Like every timber floor, it is about how you look after them. We recommend removing grit and grime regularly, not using too much water or chemicals. We have a simple care and maintenance program – click here.

Do I need to sand and polish engineered parquetry

Not immediately

Yes – eventually

We recommend that after approximately 7 – 10 years you contact PFC to inspect your floor. Usually, around this time, we recommend a topcoat. This means that the floor is lightly buffed and 1 coat of polish (coating) is applied. This will last another 5 – 10 years before it may require us to fully sand and apply 2-3 coats of polish. You then repeat this process.

It may seem complicated but broken down it will be 14 – 20 years before you have to do any major work on your floor.


Parquetry Flooring Company acknowledges that many of the photographs and descriptions are supplied by

De Marque Collection supplied by Preference Floors

LakeWood Herringbone supplied by Terra Mater®

Intenso supplied by Premium Floors and is a Quick-Step® product

De Marque, LakeWood & Intenso

Herringbone and Chevron