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Caring For Your Timber, Parquetry & Floating Floors

April 10, 2019

Timber and floating floors are easy to maintain but like all floors they do require regular cleaning.

Timber and floating floors are easy to maintain but like all floors they do require regular cleaning. They also require a few precautions to maintain their appearance and preserve the life of your floor.

Remove Dirt and Lint

Your timber floors should be dry mopped with a static mop, soft bristle broom or by vacuum cleaning, on a regular basis. By doing this, the broom or vacuum cleaner will not only pick up lint and dust but also any grit that can be damaging to a timber floor surface. All products available in store


If you have pets (especially dog, cats & birds) inside it is necessary to ensure that nails are trimmed and paws clean, thereby not introducing excessive grit.


Any spills need wiping up as soon as they occur, if left the finish of your timber or floating floor can become dull or discoloured.  If left for an extended period, the floor can become damaged and require sanding and polishing.

See our sanding & polishing services to learn more about producing a new-looking floor. 


Legs of movable furniture such as dining room chairs need to have protective felt pads fitted to prevent scratches from occurring. Office chairs should have their wheels exchanged from plastic to rubber. Products are available in store.


Soft soled shoes are preferable. Footwear such as stiletto heels will damage timber floors and wearing these should be extremely limited if walking on floating, parquetry or timber floors.

Cleaning Products

When using cleaners on Timber, Parquetry or Floating floors, it is important that they are Ph neutral to avoid any residue or damage to your timber and parquetry floors.

Do not use cleaning products that are not designed for timber floors such as scouring pads or cleaners that may contain abrasives, soaps, waxes, ammonia or silicon. Specific timber floor cleaning products are available and should be used. DO NOT use steam mops or any form of scrubbing machine.


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